Antique dealers and second-hand stores

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It’s difficult not to fall for the famous neighbourhood of antiques dealers, marked by a history that is still visible today. The third town in France in terms of the number of antiques dealers, Rouen is an obligatory stop for those keen on history and antiques.

Antique dealers and second-hand stores in Rouen

This very well-known antiques dealer neighbourhood is located between Saint-Ouen Church and Saint-Maclou Church. Rue Damiette is not to be missed! With its timber-framed facades and corbelling, it reveals its second-hand shops, local boutiques and art galleries.

Come and bargain hunt and get good deals in the many general antiques shops, second-hand shops, bric-a-brac shops and restaurant cabinetmakers. Objects as they are, or restored, will make collectors looking for exceptional objects very happy. You can find regional furniture there, period dressers, ornaments, old jewellery, marvellous finds and who knows, even some hidden treasure! Buying, selling and restoration services are also available in the surroundings of Rouen.

During your trip to Normandy, don’t forget to go and visit the departmental Museum of antiques in Rouen or the Rouen flea markets in autumn and winter.