Cathedral of Light

Cathedral of Light

The Rouen Cathedral of Notre Dame is highlighted each year thanks to an incredible show of sound and light. When night falls, couples, families, groups, tourists and the residents of Rouen and its surrounding area can be found on the Place de la Cathédrale to be astonished by this fully emotive show.

A light show on Cathedral

After a first show on the theme of Impressionism in 2015, Notre Dame will be dressed for a new show from 12th June to 27th September, based on two themes: Joan and the Vikings. Established in 911 by the Scandinavian chief Rollo, Normandy experienced some dark hours with the Viking invasions of the ninth century. Joan of Arc, a legendary character in France, tells her story on the facade of the tallest cathedral in France.

In its own way, the company Cosmo AV will transform the saga of Joan of Arc and the Treaty of Saint-Clair-sur-Epte, which conceded Normandy to the Vikings. The show is free and can be enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of spectators throughout the season.

Cathedral of Light 2017, schedules and practical information

From 3 June to 23 September 2017, the show will be back

Every evening, you can see a free sound and light show of the Cathedral of Rouen, composed of two creations. The themes that will compose the show will be Guillaume Le Conquérant (new creation) and Joan of Arc.