First of all, what is a Greeter? It’s a volunteer who offers an opportunity to discover Rouen and the Seine Valley through their passions and their favourite places during an original and unusual walk.

Meet our Greeters

This ambassador for the city of Rouen appreciates their town and their way of life, and this is why they wish to share their passion with tourists, new arrivals or locals in unique moments. The banks of the Seine, nature, family and children, shopping, markets, sports, nightlife… There are many themes!

Do you want to try this free and innovative experience? Choose the Greeter who corresponds most to your profile and arrange a meeting to suit your availability and theirs. Then prepare for a friendly walk whether you are alone, a couple, with friends or family in the heart of Normandy! If you wish to become a Greeter too, feel free to send us your application via the registration form.

Have a nice walk!

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