Local specialities & regional products

Local specialities & regional products

Between gourmet pleasures and traditions, Rouen and the Seine Valley have been able to maintain their local specialities and develop them for gourmets to fully enjoy.

Local specialities

With apple juice, cider, pommeau, calvados and beer, Rouen and the Seine Valley can offer a wide range of apéritifs and alcoholic drinks that you can taste and enjoy.

Chocolates, confectionery, biscuits and other regional products await your trip to let you discover the traditional flavours of Normandy. Gros Horloge chocolate clock faces, Pavé du Vieux Marché pralines, Cent Clochers apple-flavoured chocolates, Sucre de Pomme apple sweets and shortbread biscuits are all sweet Rouen specialities, which will be able to satisfy your tastebuds during your stay.

Regional products

Along the Seine in summer, you can wander along the Fruits Trail where small fruit farmers and individuals will offer you cherries and plums by the roadside (sales at the gate). By the same token, cheese, apple and cider trails will whet the appetite of the most curious foodies.

From chocolate, apples, caramel or honey, the gastronomic specialities of Rouen and the Seine Valley flourish, such as the Douillon d’Elbeuf or the Mirliton.