Public transport

Public transport

The Astuce network is one of the largest urban transport networks in France. Three TEOR (Transports Est Ouest Rouennais) bus rapid transit lines provide comprehensive service across both sides of the river. The TEOR takes you from Bihorel and Hauts de Rouen to the northern and eastern plateaux, passing through the city centre of Rouen. The three TEOR exclusive bus lanes run from Canteleu to Darnétal, from Mont-Saint-Aignan to Rouen, and from Notre Dame de Bondeville to Bihorel.

Completely restructured in early 2007, the network of regular bus and school bus lines revolves around the main areas served by the subway and TEOR exclusive bus lanes. The bus network includes 27 regular bus routes (excluding TEOR lines), 18 share taxi routes and 24 school bus routes.

The capital of Normandy has two subway lines. These pass through five towns (Rouen, Petit-Quevilly, Grand-Quevilly, Sotteville-lès-Rouen and Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray). They are divided into two branches on the south bank (Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray / Technopole and Grand-Quevilly / Georges Braque) which join at the Saint-Sever station (shopping centre) and end at the Boulingrin station in Rouen.

The Filo’R network is a transport on demand service available throughout the metropolitan region making it possible to visit places not served by regular bus routes.

There are different packages and fares available per trip or per day, making it an ideal option for visiting the city for a weekend or holiday.

Public Transport Astuce Network

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