Second largest Impressionist collection in France

Second largest Impressionist collection in France

As the land of Impressionism, Rouen and Normandy can congratulate themselves on holding the second largest Impressionist collection in France. The Museum of Fine Arts in Rouen presents an exceptional and prestigious collection of Impressionist painters, bringing together the greatest masters of this artistic movement: Claude Monet, Camille Pissarro and Alfred Sisley in particular are represented in this collection.

 Impressionist collection

The Museum of Fine Arts in the city of Rouen has succeeded in building this collection of works of art thanks to an exceptional donation from François Depeaux in 1909. A Rouen industrialist, educated art-lover and very close to the artists. A true benefactor and friend of the Impressionist artists, according to rumours he allegedly convinced Claude Monet to paint the famous series of cathedrals. François Depeaux’s donation was an exceptional moment in the history of French museums.

Today, the Museum of Fine Arts exhibits masterpieces by Claude Monet such as the “Rouen Cathedral, grey weather” or “The Rue Saint-Denis, 30th June 1878” which are surrounded by works from the École de Rouen by Alfred Lebourg, Charles Angrand, Robert-Antoine Pinchon and Joseph Delattre. François Depeaux supported the great masters and less famous artists from the École de Rouen with the same enthusiasm.

These 53 Impressionist works are today presented in the Impressionist Gallery named after François Depeaux in honour of the generous donator. The gallery adjoins the room of postimpressionists from the École d’ Rouen. Today it is the largest collection of Impressionist paintings in France after those held in Paris at the Musée d’Orsay.

A key visit for art lovers and enthusiasts visiting Rouen for a holiday, a weekend or indeed a business trip.

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