Weather in Rouen

Before or during your stay, keep yourself informed of the live weather in Rouen and the Seine Valley. This will help you plan your wardrobe and what you need to pack for Normandy for a weekend or longer holiday. Find weather forecasts hour by hour, for the next day, week, 5, 10 or 15 days for the city of Rouen, and for the surrounding towns: Mont-Saint-Aignan, Maromme, Deville-les-Rouen, Bois-Guillaume, Sotteville-les-Rouen, Duclair, Elbeuf, La Bouille and Jumièges.

Sun, cloud, snow, orange alert or rain, heat waves, or storm… Stay aware of weather conditions and adapt to make the most of your visit: hiking, museums, guided tours, sports, and more.

If you are still wavering between umbrella and boots, sunglasses and flip-flops, or coat and gloves, take the time to follow the weather forecasts and be sure to make your visit to the capital of Normandy a successful one.

Météo Rouen
Rouen (France)
Soleil partiel
Wind : 4 km/h
Humidity : 40%
  • Monday Tomorrow 17 °C
  • Tuesday   17 °C
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