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Whether you are with family, friends, as a couple or by yourself, sign up for a walk through the uncontested treasures of the neighbourhoods of the city of Rouen or an original escape into the heart of the Seine Valley. You’ll be able to discover the natural and cultural heritage in a different way while having fun.

Admire and learn various anecdotes about the Cathedral of Notre Dame, the church of Saint-Ouen, the Aître Saint-Maclou (cemetery for plague victims), the Abbey of Jumièges and also Flaubert, Corneille or Claude Monet.

Like a treasure hunt, a booklet with questions prepared by our team of guides will be given to you and will guide your path. By answering the questions, you will make progress on the route past the different monuments and landscapes of Rouen and the surrounding area.

Upon your arrival, a friendly drink will end the afternoon in the Claude Monet Workshop on the first floor of the Tourist Office or in the Tourist Office in Jumièges where the winning teams will receive a prize.